Drill Programs
We have been running drill programs for 20 years. Behind every good drill target sits the team and logistics- success is measured through management. We use modern software and tools to disseminate drill data in real time, collecting high quality geology, photos and samples for NI 43-101 and JORC compliance. From logging to permitting, cutting, core and RC sampling, and technical measurements, our information supports your corporate success. Though we don’t perform the drilling ourselves, we can recommend excellent contractors.
Technical Reporting & Qualified Persons, NI 43-101 & JORC
All of Ethos’ work is performed under the supervision of registered, professional geologists and engineers familiar with NI 43-101 and JORC standards of practice. Maps, soil sampling and technical reporting are formatted and prepared with a quality of care compliant with professional institutions recognized world-wide.
Geologic Mapping
Good structural, lithology, mineralization and alteration maps are essential to a projects’ long term success. We’ve been fortunate to map porphyry, low and high sulphidation epithermal, volcanic massive sulphide, sedimentary replacement systems, skarns and many more- let us provide a map you can rely on.
Drone Surveys
Aerial and contour basemaps are some of the most important products for every project, providing foundations for accurate modeling, tonnage calculations and the best promotional shots for your reporting and news.

Soil & Rock Sampling
Our soils, cut channels and all samples are collected the right way. Consistency in soil depth and an eye for mineralization support dependable assays, saving you time and money. Our soil pH analytical process further adds value and insight to your project by defining alteration horizons.
Project Generation
We engineered an automated big-data system that uses sophisticated statistics to search for gold, copper, and other mineral opportunities world-wide.

High grades and great upside. Let us show you what we’ve got, and if we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.