Drill Hole Importer and Volume Modeler add-on for Blender3d WITH SUPPORT


Add-on for Blender3D that builds drill holes or points from industry-standard drill hole data; additionally adds 3D volume modeling.


Easy add-on for Blender3D to extend its use into geological modeling and visualization.

Opensource software- be free from Leapfrog3D

Import your drill holes, soil or rock sample data.

  • Imports standard drill hole / sample files:
    • Collar, Survey, Lith, Assays, Mineralization, etc as separate tables [xlsx] with Hole ID and From-To information; and/or
    • A Single table [csv] with X,Y,Z location information and attributes (assays, lithcodes, whatever);
  • Easily colorize the drill or sample assays, intercepts and soil data on the fly by attribute using a variety of available styles.

Create custom models- 3D surface volumes- of your drill holes, soil or rock sample data.

  • Colorize volumes on the fly using a variety of available styles.
  • Export your volumes as obj for import into the MineAR smartphone app, Leapfrog 3D, or other 3D GIS software applications.

Support Included

  • 1 Hour session how-to
  • 1 Hour session QnA

*Resource models produced by this add-on should not be used as NI 43-101, JORC, or similar equivalents without confidence testing.  The providers of this code assume no liability for the use of this software.